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Submitted by titans 708d ago | news

Noah Trailers To Include Disclaimer After Pressure From Religious Groups

Paramount Pictures will append a brief disclaimer to future trailers and TV spots for their upcoming Russell Crowe film Noah after religious groups objected to the film taking liberties with the source material. (Cinema, Noah)

ajax17  +   708d ago
I'm probably gonna skip this. As far as biblical movies go I'm much more interested in Exodus.
hazelamy  +   708d ago
are they complaining because the film is about god committing genocide against all but his chosen people.

that's in the bible, too bloody late to cover up that god is a genocidal maniac.
PSVita  +   707d ago
I don't think that's the problem....

It's probably because it's not biblically correct but who cares it's a movie. I don't remember anyone complaining about Evan almighty.
Lord_Sloth  +   707d ago
Because Evan wasn't in the bible last I checked so there was no source material. XXXP

Seriously though, I don't really care what they do with this movie as I won't be watching it. Not enough explosions for my ADHD.

Edit: And lookit the Athiest vs Christian gathering below! This is why I don't associate with either side in this argument. The Athiests say "Hurr durr I'm right!" and the Christians reply with "Hurr durr you're wrong!" and it never gets anywhere aside from pure hostility. If anybody actually respected each other's beliefs sure, it might get somewhere then but until that day comes have fun running in circles.
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Bakkies  +   707d ago
I think it'll warn people of a plot hole. He decides to kill nearly everything on earth, because of the sinners. However... Never bothered to tell anyone what sin is.

Yahweh was like "I will kill you all because nearly nobody follows my arbitrary rules that I have never told you about. I'll give you Moses, The 10 Commandments, Jesus and The Bible later. But now just know, you guys aren't following any of rules I have never told you about. Adios!"
CyberCam  +   707d ago
That's an interesting view of the account of the flood and bible. It's unfortunate it shows your biblical illiteracy.

God has always had a plan for mankind starting in the garden of eden. Lucifer, being jealous of man and the love that God had for man, decieved man into disobeying God, after God had warned them.

God declared war on Lucifer and told him that he will that the seed of Eve will redeem the mistake man made. From that day on, Lucifer has tried to do everything in his power to thwart God's plans to redeem man from their mistake.

So as man started populating the earth, Lucifer had a plan to breed out the blood line of man, meaning that his fallen angels, began to breed human females thus creating hybrids, half man & half supernatural fallen angel (like Goliath & his 4 brothers), which created many new races. Greek methology as well as hundreds of civilizations around the world have touched on this.

By the time Noah was mid way through his life, the earth was just about completely populated with these hybrids. This is the real reason why God destroyed the earth with the flood and not just because of sin (if sin was the only reason, the earth would have been destroyed many times over already).

The fallen angels didn't stop after the flood, they started right back up again after the flood. While the Isrealites were slaves in Egypt, Lucifer populated the land (Isreal) God promise Jacob & his seed, with hybrids again.

This was the reason God told Joshua to wipe out every man, woman & child in Isreal when taking over the land.

If you truly know the bible you would know that over the years Lucifer & his fallen angels have tried many times to wipeout God's choosen people the Isrealites & especially the bloodline of King David, right up to Jesus Christ and beyond up to Hitler. The attempt will reach it's peak at the battle of Armagedon, when the world, lead by the anti-christ will wipeout 2/3 of the Jewish population that remainds on this earth.

Many don't believe that there ever was a flood, but scientific proof has been found as well as proof in our very lanscape of the world. Not to mention that the ark was found, quite a while ago, but has been hushed up by the powers that are in control of this world.

It's funny how you and many others dispise the "arbitrary rules", that only teach/tell you to love your creator and all other humans that populate this earth. Not kill, steal, cheat, lie, nor abuse your body that was given to you.

Yep those are terrible rules alright. /s

I wonder how things would have turned out if people like Hitler followed these rules or the US government, that has killed millions of people all around the world (Japan, European countries, Korea, Vietnam, South American countries and the Middle East countries. As well as all of the dictatorships & countries of power all througout history.
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Bimkoblerutso  +   707d ago
Yes, I am sure that is what they are complaining about, and your comment wasn't just a ridiculously transparent attempt to start an argument over religion.
bigrob904  +   708d ago
i like how you need a disclaimer for a fictional story, like are we really mentally living 2000 years ago? have we not evolved passed these stories? people it's a story about a god committing genocide and trying to act like it's a good thing. get over yourselves and just watch the movie.
Defectiv3_Detectiv3  +   708d ago
If they try to whitewash the unicorns and gumdrop rainforests I for one am going to be pissed!
hazelamy  +   708d ago
i suspect they'll keep those for the directors cut. ^_^
cell989  +   708d ago
Atheists feel the need to impose their "superior thinking" so much so that any bible related news story has to be scrutinized by these trolls to reassure themselves what they believe is the truth and everything else is stupid, inferior and ludicrous. The irony!!!

If you disagree with the bible, great, keep it to your self and move on with your life, respect the decision of others.
Nicaragua  +   708d ago
so you are allowed to disagree with Atheists but Atheists aren't allowed to disagree with the bible?

yup, pretty much standard hypocritical religous bullshit.
cell989  +   708d ago
I just don't go arround boasting about my "superior intellect" all over the internet I clearly keep my believes to myself. Don't come in here being a pretentious d*** I never said it's wrong for them to disagree on anything, I said it's F-ed up that they have to bash anything bible as if it was a job their getting paid for. No one gives a $h!t about opinion and beliefs, just keep it to your self
blackmanone  +   708d ago
@Cell, I'd point out the hypocrisy in your posts, but by your replies it's quite clear you're not interested in the opinions of others; just your closed minded views on the world.

But in all seriousness. Why bring atheism into this post? Oh yes, because you didn't bother to read the article and assumed that it was those evil atheists. It was actually a Christian group, but again, I don't want to confuse you with things like "truth" and "common sense."
Baka-akaB  +   708d ago
What would you call forcing a disclaimer on that "heathen movie" then ?

It's a blatant case of forcing and imposing a view .

"If you disagree with the bible, great, keep it to your self and move"

The majority of those people actually wish to do so . However they have to now be told what everyone , beleviers or otherwise , already knew , that it's a fiction's work , just to accomodate the feelings some fringe groups that dont even represent the whole of christianity .
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JL  +   707d ago
Just so this is near the top, I'll comment here.

Please, keep it civil people and leave the animosity out of it. Or I'll have to close this down. This should not turn into a thread on religion full of bashing one another. That won't be tolerated. Either side.

Thank you.
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alycakes  +   706d ago
I totally agree and it doesn't look like it's not stopping. There is no reason to get personally attack each other.
1nsomniac   707d ago | Personal attack | show
mogwaii  +   707d ago
But you see religion pokes its nose in many places it shouldn't, dictating how we should live our lives and keeping us from being truly free, those that do not believe in religion are being dictated by it so it's not that simple to just "keep it to yourself".
the day religion and its followers get out of my life, separating church and state, is the day i will "keep it to myself".
blahblah123  +   708d ago
Is Captain Xenu in this one?
Ol_Boy  +   708d ago
The funny thing is that atheists are people who have never personally had any experience with God so they believe in their own opinions about how there isnt a "God" and try to criticize the people who HAVE had those personal experiences. I don't follow "Religion." I follow God. Religion is a man made institution that like man, is corrupted and not perfect. We all have freedom of choice and are entitled to believe what we choose. In the end everyone will know what's real and what's true. The sad part is what if when these atheists die they find themselves looking at a God they never believed in. If Christians die and turns out these atheist were correct than they have nothing to worry about since there is nothing after death. Eternity is a very long time to be on the wrong if you're an atheist. With that said, I respect everyone's opinion and encourage everyone to do their own search for truth.
cell989  +   708d ago
It's when they go way out if their way that they cross the line. Like insulting people that believe in God, or when they see themselves superior just cause they don't believe in God. I mean wtf kind of logic is that?
blackmanone  +   708d ago
Guys, guys, guys. If you read the article you'd know it was Christians that had issue with this. Quit the circle jerk and you'll find the world isn't out to get you.

And, Ol Boy. If a Christian is only a Christian because they're afraid of death... are they truly Christian or are they just covering their ass? Won't your god know this or is it that easy to put one over him? In the words of Cell, "I mean wtf kind of logic is that?"
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Ol_Boy  +   708d ago
My response wasn't about the article. I didn't even read the article. You make a valid point. I was just putting into objective the consequent end result of believing in God or being an atheist. I was just trying to point out that I won't have anything to lose if I die a christian and the atheist is right about there not being a god, but if the atheist dies and turns out God is real than they have made a HUGE mistake. A Christian shouldn't be a Christian because of fear of death. A Christian should be a Christian because of what Jesus did for humanity. A Christian should believe in the gospel that Jesus preached and live by his words. Which means respecting others and loving even our enemies. Christians shouldn't be condemning people they should be serving others and spreading Jesus' gospel through the bible and leading by example in their daily lives. Unfortunately there are a lot of people claiming to be Christian but they are acting opposite of what true Christianity teaches.
Baka-akaB  +   708d ago
It's just a case of the pot meeting the kettle . For every snide remark and attack toward faith , you'll likewise find judgy and preachy christians that just can't let people do their thing .

Idiocy doesnt discriminate any group of people .
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Parapraxis   708d ago | Spam
Sovereign59  +   707d ago
@Ol_Boy, Can you justify claiming to "respect everyone's opinion" when the one you hold requires you to believe that everyone whom disagrees with yours will suffer an eternity of hellfire and torment upon death?
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CyberCam  +   707d ago
So what does one have to do with the other? Yes I do respect that you & every other human on this earth has their own opinion.

Yes my experience with God and my faith that his words (written through his faithful servants - starting about 6000 years ago, starting with Job) are the absolute truth. I also know from his word that God gave us all free will to love him or hate him.

Also, that hell is place that was created by God and lacks the presents of God. As evil & sinful as this world is, eveything that is good in this world is of God, which again is in his word, not mine.

Hell wasn't acually made for mankind, but was made for Lucifer & his fallen angels, for they want nothing to do with God. So those humans that also want nothing to do with God will also have their wish.

So it is not my opinion as it is God's word that I believe. If you have an issue with this, I suggest you take it up with God, not the faithful servants that believe in him & his word.
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Baka-akaB  +   707d ago

Except it's one thing to believe that , pity the "unfainthful" even , WHILE letting others live their lives freely .

It's another entirely to rub it in everyone's face and annoy atheists or other religions with the belief . Sure some people feel compelled to spread the word and gospel as some kind of duty ... but in this day and age of global and easy information , there is no sense in harassing people over their faith or lack thereof .

As an ex ,anyone with relatively easy media and internet access would know a bit about Christianity or Islam , and can dig further IRL and online , if they care to . No need to come down on their morals or tell them what they should see , and do or not . Such opinions should mostly be given when actually asked or relevant to a topic
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CyberCam  +   707d ago
I live by the former! A true faith driven believer, lives by the example of Jesus Christ and his disciples (after his death). Jesus never forced anything on anyone, and explained everything in parables, which is what I try to do, unless I'm explaining the bible to others.

Remember "wise as serpants and harmless as doves"... and not "aggressive as a bull" which does more harm than good in most cases. One should choose their oportunities wisely, to share the gospel. I try to educate and answer what questions others have about God, Jesus & the Bible.

The later is form of religious people that try to force their beliefs of their organization on others door to door, and get confrontational when rejected because they take it personally.

That is not what Jesus would do, he would speak out openly in towns and country sides and in individuals homes or places of business, in a gentle way and never took any rejection personal.

Remember this... Like all other aspects on this earth, there are counterfit religions, just like there are counterfit name brand high end clothing or electrical devices like ipads etc.

Keep in mind as well, in todays society, we faithful are having other non biblical beliefs being forced on us too. Look at how much sexual orientation is being pushed on society, even when a subject matter (like gaming) has absolutely nothing to do with sex. If you are a butcher, baker or candle stick maker, what do they have to do with sex? But yet you find it being pushed in even those fields.
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windblowsagain  +   708d ago
All the bible stories are made up, like all religions are created by man.

Nobody has ever seen or spoke to a god. Nobody ever will. They do not exist.

The new testament is even worse then the previous made up one before it.

If you looked at religions with an open mind, you'd know it's all fake for control and money.

Sitdown  +   708d ago
Just for fun... Have you personally spoken with everyone who has ever lived to know that no one has never seen or spoken to "god"? Does wind exist? What about thoughts?
2pacalypsenow  +   708d ago
But you believe in scientific "THEORIES" and say they are true HA!

@Sitdown Prob not but im sure he has talked to all the scientists and scene all the proof for the theories they come up with and people believe to be true. They believe something without seeing it, wait isn't that religion too?
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Defectiv3_Detectiv3  +   708d ago
The bible is meant to be taken metaphorically, not LITERALLY! Science actually does back up it's claims with tangible evidence. You can test the theories of science. Religion relies on faith, which is literally defined as a belief that is NOT based on proof. One guy said he had a revelation, that nobody else witnessed. This is the basis for most religions.

As an Athiest/Agnostic person I may not believe in god, but that doesn't mean I go around persecuting people of faith although I may strongly disagree with them. If that belief system works for them, then so be it. However it does concern me that I live in a world where people who base their decisions on faith have a huge influence on life.

Putting a disclaimer in front of a movie that is based on what is basically a fable is silly, and it lowers the bar for everyone and validates those unhealthy thinking patterns. I'm sure that lady who drowned her children in a bathtub because she thought god told her to do it was pretty convinced. Wasn't she operating on faith? Where do you draw the line?
GentlemenRUs  +   708d ago
Go cry me a river... Stupid CULT(Is what I like to call them).
Deadpool616  +   708d ago | Well said
Judging from the comments we've got a large demographic of people who think and believe differently. I'm just going to quote a obscure movie and say "Be excellent to each other". There's really no need to be spiteful to each other over a movie. If the context of the subject matter will invoke a spiteful reaction, please be empathetic with your comment.

On the topic at hand, the studio is just covering their butts with the disclaimer. When you're dealing with any subject matter based off written events it often happens. It's not going to effect the movie in the least.
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blue_flowers  +   707d ago
the religious drones will flock to this piece of bullshit just like the passion of the christ. if the church isnt making money off these gullible people, hollywood is lol.
mogwaii  +   707d ago
But if there is blood and guts and violence i want to see that shit, not to mention a cool cgi cataclysmic flood, sounds awesome! :D
1nsomniac  +   707d ago
Seeing as though this conversation inevitably reared its ugly head into the religious ether.

It's even clear to me, a very simple laymen. That in all possibility yes there may well be a "god", a "Creator" (there also may not be). But 1 thing that is quite clear is that the bible should not be worshipped as a factual document!
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goldwyncq  +   707d ago
Are most atheists really that insecure about themselves that whenever an article about religion pops up, they flock to it and spout insults equal to what a middle school kid would say? For someone who doesn't believe in a higher power, they sure have an unhealthy obsession with religion.
Lolrus  +   707d ago
I noticed that too. Even in any article about science, cosmology etc they instigate and make a snarky remark against religion. Then when some religious person responds, they whine and go "look at them forcing their stone age beliefs in this article etc etc".

All it shows is they are not really champions of science and reason, they simply like to use it as ammo in their hatred for religion as if believing in God and science are irreconcilable. Silly folk.
mogwaii  +   707d ago
"For taking liberties with the source material" LOL, PU-LEASE! The friggin bible is one big liberty.
coolbeans  +   707d ago

^Initial reaction I always seem to have when I see these debates.

Okay, stripping away the "lol Bible" ethos around this topic, I think there's two things to consider regarding this decision:

1.) Whether someone takes it as 100% true, partially true, a fable for a purpose, or whatever else, the fact of the matter is this is an old story with heavy thematic elements in place that are "written in stone," so to speak. To have any artist or group of artists change the original text in BIG ways in order for this material to convey messages beyond the original text's intention (here: Aronofsky mentioned stuff about environmental themes), then it should be made known loud and clear that grand artistic liberties have been taken here. If I were to spin a tale with a collection of stories found within the Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, etc. faith that go so far beyond those tales, I'd find it reasonable to inform a collective audience that I've imbued a lot of stuff that isn't strictly following said text.

2.) Do you really think Paramount never considered this while creating this film? This whole "being pressured by religious groups to make disclaimers" angle that's being presented here strikes as easy publicity the publisher just kept away until the correct moment.

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