BvS Michigan Shoot Update & More


Our good 'ol friend "Doctor Detroit" is back with some BvS scuttlebutt/rumor/news. Don't worry, there are NO SPOILERS below, trust me. Here goes...

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ajax171476d ago

The New batmobile? I'm sorry, but nothing beats the tumbler

ironfist921475d ago

Im guessing they'll go for something sleeker and futuristic rather than bulky and militaristic

256bit1475d ago

I think you meant, no one beats Tim Burton's bat-mobile.

Porcelain_Chicken1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

eh I disagree. The tumbler always felt too military-like. Didn't scream Wayne/Batman-like enough Imho. Don't get me wrong i loved it & understand why they chose that look BUT they can definitely make the next Batmobile better.

Will they? That's a different story.

Pillsbury11474d ago

I would prefer something that actually looks like a batmobile, like in batman the a animated series.

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wannabe gamer1475d ago

I saw the tumbler in person once. it was the strangest thing too.
I was driving across the state on Thanksgiving day on the interstate highway. Ahead of me i see a vehicle pulled over on the side of the road but there is this odd shape. the closer i get i see its something on a trailer connected to a truck, looks like a dark mass. then im close enuff to see something and in like NO WAY! and then closer and im like WTF LOL its the tumbler being towed on a trailer by someone. most random thing to see on the side of the road, but it sure was cool.

level 3601475d ago

They could take some cues off this Audi LMP1 racecar ( ) for the next batmobile.

MilkMan1475d ago

Tumbler made perfect sense. This is man fighting crime, hes up against bullets, rockets, harsh environments not trying to win the Indy 500. Tumbler was perfect for urban warfare.
I can see the Tumbler hitting trucks and going through building walls. Some sleek, fast car? Cant see that.

Pillsbury11474d ago

That's why we need something solid with flame throwers and cables like the animated series car :)