Possible Leaked Designs For The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Film

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I’ve sat on these for awhile & think now is the time we showed you these. Take a look at these possibly leaked designs for the upcoming TMNT film. Now, these designs are pretty much aligned with the descriptions given to us a few weeks back by Idle Hands. Well, what do you think? I will place the description given by Idle Hands of the new TMNT action figures below these images. Donatello’s design has yet be “released”.

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darklordzor1578d ago

Hmmmm....They even say in the comments section of this article that they're fan art from a guy on DeviantArt.

Crazay1578d ago

Could be those comments were made after my post was made.

However, they have some decent qualities to them and feel a little more like modernized versions of the original comics.

BlackTar1871577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

I hate them. I hope they don't look like that at all. Mikey is beyond awful looking

vakarian751577d ago

A lot of people have deviant art accounts even the artist for No More Heroes had some of its concept art before the game was shown.

StarWarsFan1577d ago

I want a trailer or teaser for this movie already.

Hayabusa 1171577d ago

The second two look pretty cool, but the first that suppose to be Michelangelo???

This film is gona be terrible. Can't wait. Michael Bay has become something of a guilty pleasure to me now.