The Wolf of Wall Street Breaks Profanity Record

Junkie Monkeys: The Wolf of Wall Street is one hell of a movie and it has recently set a new record when it comes to dropping F bombs in a major motion picture.

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ajax171007d ago

Well, when you have 3 hours...

Cueil1006d ago

They had a very high "F#CK" limit... most movies set that pretty low... they try and keep the "F#CKS" down in the single digits and teens at most

Hergula1006d ago

I like movies that feel free to use profanity. When a film is restricted to a certain rating, disabling the script to have profanity, it annoys me and makes me feel quite angry... as long as the profanity works with the film overall, I say let em rip!

gunnerforlife1006d ago


sorry couldnt help it loool

Hergula1005d ago

Haha,fully understood!

whybag1006d ago

Yippee ki yay to that Mr. Falcon.

thehitman1006d ago BadLanguageShowReplies(1)
wannabe gamer1006d ago

i know a lot of people that went to see this and walked out on it half way or less thru it. not just cause of profanity either

2pacalypsenow1006d ago

it had tons of sex and nudity
, movie was awesome tho

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