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Why Batman/Superman Should Not Be Cancelled

CBM: Let's get one thing straight, Superman and Batman are practically responsible for creating the popularity in comic books and the credibility in comic book movies, both formats pretty much began with them, sure there were comic books and comic book movies before them but none of them made any sort of significant impact on culture like Superman and Batman have and to suggest that WB should bow out because Disney have a couple of movies coming out around the same time, is absurd, that's like suggesting an Olympic sprinter not even try because there will be some competition there, that kind of preemptive acquiescence never got anybody anywhere. (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Culture)

Hergula  +   580d ago
Batman/Superman film will be a hit or a miss, there aint no middle-ground here.
aDDicteD  +   579d ago
its a risk worth taking. they already made bold moves in the casting department and looks like they are giving it all out for the fans.
Anthotis  +   578d ago
It will be bad because of the casting.

I hope they do cancel it, and make another Superman centered film. Then, they can try Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman but without Affleck and Gadot.
hazelamy  +   579d ago
who said anything about the movie being cancelled?

i've been looking forward to a dc team up movie for what seems like most of my life.

almost as long as i've waited for a Wonder Woman movie. o_O
aDDicteD  +   579d ago
batman/ superman movie is what the fans really want to see, it might even be titled the justice league with the inclusion of wonder woman and rumors of other members of the justice league making a scene. this film will be the most highly anticipated film in the year of 2015.
Wasn't Flash already confirmed? I could've sworn a Flash cameo was confirmed shortly after the Gal Gadot announcement.

Anyways LOL @ disagrees, Not only is this the first live action team-up between two of the most... THE most iconic male comic book characters of all time, but it's also the first big screen outing to the most iconic female character, Wonder Woman. The friggin Trinity all in 1 film!!! lol trolls will be trolls.
aDDicteD  +   578d ago
was there already a flash rumor being confirmed? as long as there is no confirmation of any actors attach to it, then its still a rumor, they cannot get just any actor for the cameo, it should be someone who can represent the flash properly.

although i think a solo wonderwoman project should be done first i still think they CAN pull off a film with superman, batman and wonderwoman neverthess and not straightforward copy what marvel did in solo movies for almost all its characters.

The key element would always be the "PLOT", if they can come up with a plot that would justify wonderwoman's involvement in the story then there is hope for this project and i think the people behind this project are invested in the plot on how they will stitch the characters in the film. if the plot is fine then the affleck/gadot casting controversies will be put to rest.
Guitardr85  +   579d ago
I didn't even bother with this article after I realized the first paragraph is basically one long run-on sentence...
Felonycarclub8  +   579d ago
They need to get rid of Ben affleck, we don't need another George clooney batman .
blackwyvere  +   579d ago
there's so much more wrong with the movie than Ben Affleck... he could actually be a saving grace
hellvaguy  +   579d ago
Biggest problen with Affleck he doesnt do anger very well, which kinda needed in a bat suit. He and clooney both could play the rich playboy bruce wayne like no other. Obviously because no acting was required, just irl personalities.
Yi-Long  +   579d ago
The problem was never Clooney. It's all about the script and the director.

If this movie sucks, it won't be because Affleck sucks, cause he's not a bad enought actor to singlehandedly ruin a movie, and if it succeeds it's also not because of Affleck, cause he isn't great enough to make a mediocre movie into something more than that.

There's nothing wrong with the casting of Affleck. Apart from perhaps the fact he's got no martial arts experience, while having to play one of the best martial artists in the world.
I agree with what you're saying about the script bit but i disagree about Clooney. He was definitely miscast. Micheal Keaton and Jack Nicholson weren't exactly working with award winning scripts but were still enjoyable to watch. Clooney's performance felt very phoned in and cringe worthy at every turn, then again the script really was a mess so... you might be right.

I disagree with Felonycarclub8 though, I can't help but think Ben Affleck will knock it outta the park. No idea why, just a feeling.
hellvaguy  +   579d ago
Doesnt matter if he has no martial arts xp. They just use stunt doubles and fake it. No different than these shallow diva actresses pretending to be caring & sensitive.
blackwyvere  +   578d ago
Before batman begins surely Bale want a superstar, Nolan made him!!!
powerplayer25  +   579d ago
Never been a big DC fan, always preferred Marvel. The Barman movies were great but the Superman movies were a miss for me. I'd wait to rent this one. Just my opinion.
I'm on the other side love DC, very mixed about Marvel. I feel like Marvel hides a mediocre plot or "deep as a puddle" characters behind cheap humor. Just my opinion, not starting a fanboy war, not trying to offend you.

Also who's Barman? lol
powerplayer25  +   578d ago
No offense taken man. I don't fanboy it up. If you like DC, I don't have a problem. As for Barman, I guess I was typing to fast.
Darrius Cole  +   578d ago
I gotta push back on the author saying that Superman/Batman should not be afraid of Star Wars. Everybody should be afraid of Star War.

Google "Jediism" and you will see what I mean.

Releasing a blockbuster movie within one month of Star Wars Episode 7 is suicide. If it's one month behind people will still be going to see SW a second and third time. If it's one month before people will already be in line to watch SW.

The fact that there is an Avengers movie in the same year doesn't help either.

They don't have to cancel it because of competiton, just move it to a time when there is less competition.

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