Why Game Druid Thinks Paul Rudd Will Play Hank Pym/Ant-Pym

While we are all thrilled (to some extent) that Paul Rudd will be playing Ant-Man in the Marvel movies, everyone is curious to know which alter-ego will he actually be? Hank Pym, Scott Lang or Eric O’ Grady...
While there is no indication of which character we would see in the movie, we are hoping for Hank Pym. To begin with, he is the original Ant-Man, who discovered the Pym Particles and created the suit.

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gamedruid1550d ago

Thought they were scrapping this now?

caleyforsythe1550d ago


I never many people did I let down? Quote2

--Henry Pym (Earth-616)

caleyforsythe1550d ago

just glad JGL isn't playing him!! WHEW!!

caleyforsythe1550d ago

just glad they're going ahead with it..looks like DC is going to left's all marvel now!

RetrospectRealm1550d ago

How come you guys always comment on your own articles when you all work for the same site?

RetrospectRealm1550d ago

Sorry to ruin your article but Hank Pym was already confirmed by Edgar Wright. So yeah, Paul Rudd is playing Ant-Man/Hank Pym.

Hergula1550d ago

In regards to your comment directed at Blackwyvere. So true, I also feel that you should not comment on your own websites articles... seems quite odd I must say.

But yeah, Paul Rudd will be able to pull it off quite well I believe, Ant-Man that is.

3-4-51550d ago

It makes it seem like your trying to spark fake interest in an article.

StarWarsFan1550d ago

I don't see Ant-Man being a big moneymaker in theaters.

hazelamy1549d ago

is the regular Pym be more likeable than the Ultimate universe version?

because the only comics i've read featuring Hank Pym have been the Ultimates, and in those he was a total douchebag.

blackwyvere1549d ago

in the ultimates, he is completely different.. actually of them were different.. he's a decent character... not mainstream like the others.. but then again, Marvel Studios did a great job with Iron Man. so the expectations are quite high on this one too!

coolbeans1549d ago

Half of my anticipation for this film is in not knowing much about the character's personality within comics and what the writing crew + Rudd have in mind.