Kevin Bacon Talks The Following Season 2

Actor Kevin Bacon explains why his character, Ryan Hardy, needs Joe Carroll in The Following in this exclusive interview from New York Comic Con.

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gamerlive1635d ago

The Following Season 2 is going to be epic.

-Foxtrot1635d ago

I can't wait

Don't understand some of the hate for it's un realistic and about the FBI not being as smart

1) It's a TV Show....A BLOODY TV SHOW....who cares

2) The whole point of the cult is that Joe Carrol is a smart man...smarter then the FBI, if you make the FBI smart straight away when he's getting his plan together then it takes that away from him.

Does anyone know if...

<S P O I L E R S>

Claire is still in this...I know he has a no love interest but I hope she isn't dead.