J.J. Abrams Shares One 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Regret That Might Surprise You


For fans of the series, the lead-up and the marketing around "Star Trek Into Darkness" promised a different movie than the one that hit screens in May. Every interview and article postured who Benedict Cumberbatch was playing, but an hour into the movie, the character reveals his true identity without any major impact on the story. It was enough to make fans wonder what all the secrecy was about.

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darklordzor1636d ago

This is kind of interesting to hear. Honestly when I was watching the film and the big 'reveal' happen, my first thought was "That's it?" In terms of the film itself I never thought it was necessary to keep it hidden and have that reveal. It felt anti-climatic because for the most part, it'd already been figured out.