A Thought: Why Ben Affleck can be Awesome as Bruce Wayne


Insane! This is the end! But how can they do it? Grrrrrr…. RAGE… then almost turning into the Hulk!

My initial reaction to the news that Ben Affleck playing Batman in the next Man of Steel movie.

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caleyforsythe1659d ago

Can't wait to see which Batsuit they will use!! :)

blackwyvere1659d ago

And bat mobile!
(Hopefully not a tank)

ScepticTankAvenger1657d ago

Hopefully it'll resemble the one from the Arkham Origins video game, or Jason's in the Battle for the Cowl story arc in the comics. I hope he'll have one that actually looks like it offers some protdction, or atleast where he can move his neck freely.

blackwyvere1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Can't wait to see further updates on the flick :)