Family Guy: 10 TV Deaths More Shocking Than Brian Griffin

CB: Often, the most shocking and impactful deaths on a serialized TV series aren’t the ones that are promoted to the hilt, but the ones where the fans are left saying, “…Wait, did they just kill him?!”

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Hergula1604d ago

There are many deaths in TV history more shocking than that of Brian from Family Guy, yet killing a central character after 10+ seasons, is quite shocking indeed.

-Foxtrot1604d ago

I know one...Person of Interests recent one




Joss Carter :|

RetrospectRealm1604d ago

I was thinking the exact same thing.

iamnsuperman1602d ago

I was pretty shocked at Marissa 's death from the OC. Granted I was a lot younger but she was a big character and her death wasn't exactly pretty.

Also in Snargate SG1 Janet Fraiser' s death. Was not expecting that and was pretty shocking

colonel1791602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

The OC committed suicide the moment they killed Marissa. That was the worst decision ever. However, the show had been all over the place in the 3rd season. They took all the charm away from season 1 and 2, and tried to focus on the drugs, fighting and drama, instead of everything that made that show cool (at the time).