From the Ashes of a Film Review: Out of the Furnace | The Man Cave Cinema

In 2008, an in-depth article titled "Braddock, Pennsylvania Out of the Furnace and into the Fire" was published, focusing the nation's attention on the small town. Once home to the workforce of the nearby steel mills, Braddock was economically devastated by the Steel Crisis of the 1980s. Now the poster child for economic injustice and inequality in America, it's no coincidence that the film, Out of the Furnace -- which tells of the hardships of one blue-collar American family -- is set there. With the shadow of real life tragedy looming large in the background, the film paints a grim portrait of small town life in America's Heartland. But born out of the injustice and inequality against which it is set is a story of the true meaning of family. It's a film that shows that sometimes there are no happy endings and echoes the sentiment that it's always darkest before dawn; but for the few that are brave enough to seek it out, there can at least be closure.

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