Family Guy: Five Ways Brian Griffin Could Return

CB: With Internet petitions making the rounds and fans pointing hysterically at future episodes in which his character was set to appear, Brian Griffin–seemingly killed on last night’s episode of the Fox animated sitcom Family Guy–will almost certainly be back sooner or later.

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Hergula1641d ago

They need to bring him back, or leave him dead. Either way, the writers, creators, and Seth, shot themselves in the foot with this decision.

-Foxtrot1641d ago

There is no way they would kill Brian off permanently, it's just to get people talking about Family Guy to get the show some free publicity.

If they do the time travel thing with the Christmas episode and Stewie gets the new parts for his time machine then it would set up the second half of the series for when it returns after it's Winter break.

I mean that car which ran Brian over seemed a little off to me, it looked just like Brians car.

I would like it though if they did kill off a character in the since they've changed the past to bring Brian back then end up killing another Griffin off to trick us and Stewie, because he's evil and loves Brian deep down just decides to let it slide and not tell Brian it was either them or him since knowing Brian he would want to do the right thing.

I wouldn't mind it though if Chris or Meg died instead and were replaced by a Nephew/Niece of either Lois or Peter. That's the best way to do it, they change the time line, Chris ends up getting ran over instead and a new character comes into it.