Family Guy: Bring Back Brian Griffin Petition Passes 35,000 Signatures

CB: When first reported on a fan petition to bring back Brian Griffin yesterday, the petition had just been launched and only had a couple thousand signatures. In just around a day though, the “Bring Back Brian Griffin to Family Guy” petition has exploded with tens of thousands of new signatures being added.

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Hergula1666d ago

Not surprised, makes perfect sense. Brian is a central character, who is more important than Chris, Meg, and arguable, even Lois. With Stewie and Peter being the only two more well-known than Brian. To put it simply, Brian is one of the three most important characters in the show, why kill him? Kill Meg, Chris, or Lois. All of those changes would make actually more sense, and would improve the declining television series.

ajax171666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

I'd have rather seen Chris get killed off. He's so boring and unimportant. He's my Meg in other words.

medman1666d ago

I don't want to see any of the core just wouldn't be the same without them. I wasn't happy when Cleveland left. I'm not happy now either.

jak3y13oy1665d ago

Brian dying is just as upsetting as the lion king... :(

SouthClaw1665d ago

People have not realised the two things about the whole of this.

1. It was done to shake things up and get people talking about the show.

2. Stewie went into the future before the episode took place. He went to Christmas. Whose to say that the Christmas episode isin't a way to bring Brian back? All future stewie has to do is tell past stewie or go back with him.

I thought it was great.

Funny how nobody has really asked... who was driving the car?

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