TVF The Walking Dead Review: Bad Boys

The Walking Dead Season 4 was gaining some decent momentum with the flu outbreak, Rick stepping back into the fold and the exciting notion of fallout from the group learning Carol was kicked out and that she killed David and Karen.

Then the series decided to hit the pause button and backtrack to show what the Governor had been up to.

The problem is that this two-episode departure from the main storyline feels like it could have been condensed or not even used at all. The Governor grew a depression beard, bedded a newcomer, killed Martinez, took over a new group, felt “conflicted” with being good or bad and then headed right back to the prison like the insane person he is and we always knew he was.

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alycakes1610d ago

It should have gotten even a lower rating. Finally next week they will get back to the people at the prison so things will get back to interesting again. Surely we all knew that the Governor wasn't going to change?????

monkeyfox1609d ago

We could look at it in terms of pacing maybe? If the governor had just turned up all ready for battle with no exposition/filler episodes, it would've been boring and "expected" i think. Now when the big showdown happens we in theory should have a bit more invested in some of these characters

Hopefully they will start sticking more to the comic material as the show pushes forward...