Family Guy Kills A Major Character, And Twitter Goes Nuts

Spoilers ahead for tonight’s episode of Family Guy.When a sitcom kills off a major character, it’s almost always promoted aggressively by the network.

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Hergula1639d ago

For them to kill off Brian was a huge mistake, as killing off Chris, or even Meg, would have made sense storyline wise, but killing off Brian is simply idiotic.

The first 6/7 seasons were the only good ones, prefferring the first 3 seasons the most, but it has gone downhill season after season.

They show needs to re-invent itself, as it has become dull, killing off a central character does not do that, if anything, it will make the ratings decline even more. The show has just gotten boring. put a stop to the show or re-invent it, don't kill off characters.

Soldierone1639d ago

I believe I called it when linking this to the simpsons vs family guy episode coming. He wasn't in any of the promo pictures, except one, and he isn't linked to the family battle descriptions.

Honestly think this is just the downhill move for them. Too big of a change and little reward for it. Over half of the shoes jokes are now gone, and for what? A joke that could have lasted two or three episodes and then be done with?