Joseph Gordon-Levitt Could Be Morpheus In The Sandman Movie

Badass Digest: This weekend I brought you some Vertigo comic-related news that was pretty official (and is being slowly confirmed by the likes of Seth Rogen). Now I'm bringing you some news that's super up in the air and should be treated as such. This is all about early meetings and initial overtures - basically it's the preludes and nocturnes in the next iteration of the making of the Sandman movie.

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Hergula1665d ago

I can believe this rumor to be true, yet I still doubt it is a good idea.

Soldierone1665d ago

He has surprised me many times, so I say why not? I've seen him go from a stoner loser to futuristic crime fighter in one week, and believed him in both movies lol

coolbeans1665d ago

That's pretty much how I feel, although that flub I've heard about him in GI Joe is a bit worrying.