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Million Dollar Film Review: Nebraska | The Man Cave Cinema

We've all received them in the mail at some point: those sweepstakes notices announcing that you've won a million dollars. But have you ever wondered if anyone actually believes them, or what would happen if someone tried to claim their prize winnings? That's part of the premise of Nebraska, the quirky new film from The Descendants director and native son Alexander Payne, which uses that very notion to tell the story of what happens when a son who never truly knew his father finds out more than he could ever imagine. Fans of Alexander Payne's work on the Oscar-winning film The Descendants may be taken aback by the leisurely pacing and low-key nature of Nebraska. Although both films are about reconnecting with family, the latter keeps a much lower profile than typical Hollywood fare. At its heart, it's not just about finding out where we belong and finding out how we got there, but discovering that family is more than just blood; it's the bonds we forge along the way.

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