TVF The Big Bang Theory Review: A New Thanksgiving Tradition

I laughed ... out loud ... a lot!

The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 9 is the episode I've been waiting for all season long. Not only did I laugh at more jokes than I didn't, I burst out laughing more in this half-hour than I think I have so far during The Big Bang Theory season 7.

With one notable exception, I loved the episode.

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alycakes1614d ago

For the most part I loved this episode too. I laughed out loud on some of the scenes. When is Amy going to get smart and leave Sheldon and get a new boyfriend to make him realize what he's doing wrong?

Tsuru1613d ago

Already happened when she dated stewart.

Hergula1612d ago

The Big Bang Theory is getting better and better, ratings are still getting higher and higher. I aint surprised one bit.

This episode was ridiculously good.