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TVF Elementary Review: No Matter What

It has been a bit since Sherlock and Joan have had a truly creepy suspect with which to deal.

And while the writing behind Lucas Bundsch in Elementary Season 2 Episode 9 was supposed to give him that quiet kind of calm-creepy presences. I found Troy Garity's performance of Bundsch lacking.

I could never tell if Bundsch was really playing cat and mouse with Joan and Sherlock or if he was actually supposed to be innocent. Garity’s mostly flat and mild speech didn’t convey "controlled calm," it came across more like “bored actor” to me. Never a true evil smile, or a knowing grin, always just the same "blah" look.

Maybe I’ve just gotten spoiled with Jonny Lee Miller's in-depth and heartfelt portrayal as Sherlock. Take the conversation with Joan at the end of the episode about his true nature and that he is not a nice man. His body language, facial expression and general presence all conveyed the message as much as his words did.

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alycakes1647d ago

This serial killer was a little disturbing. I didn't recognize him from anything else and that usually makes him more real for me. It was creepy....