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‘Spider-Man’ Movie Spin-Offs Could Be Coming, Sony Pictures Chief Hints

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Amy Pascal says audiences should be ready for new heroes and villains from the Spider-Man canon

Venom and the Green Goblin should start getting ready for their close-ups because Sony Pictures Entertainment Co-Chairman Amy Pascal hinted that the studio is planning spin-off adventures for supporting character in its “Spider-Man” franchise.

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-Foxtrot1670d ago

Hopefully not...I'd rather they do this with a future Spiderman trilogy - maybe on an older, wiser Peter Parker who has been Spiderman for years.

I really don't like Andrew Garfield...Toby wasn't perfect but he at least looked the part. Andrew looks like one of the bullies who would of picked on Peter Parker at high school....not too mention him trying to be witty and funny comes off horribly.

TricksterArrow1669d ago

Does that look more like Tobey... Honestly? Peter is supposed to be an outcast, not a nerdy nerd (not since the sixties, at least).

-Foxtrot1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Thats when he becomes Spiderman though, when he gains his powers.

Andrew Garfield looked like that before he even got his powers and didn't look like an outcast at all

He never looked like this


DarkBlood1669d ago

well there was this venom movie they were going on about, id like to see that.

Hergula1667d ago

Same here, I would expect it to be quite spectacular if created properly, given the right amount of money to produce it.

cell9891669d ago

I just want the rights reverted back to Disney/Marvel so they can relate him to the Marvel film universe

CrimsonDragon901669d ago

No! Spiderman is fine with Sony.

x5exotic1669d ago

You mean link him with a series where only Iron man 1 and thor 2 aren't absolutely


cell9891667d ago

Hey Capt America was not bad, nor The Incredible Hulk, and The winter Soldier looks good. Guardians of the Galaxy is looking promising as well, don't be pessimistic

Deku-Johnny1668d ago

I agree, they also need X-Men and FF back. They've worked wonders with their other films.