TVF The Tomorrow People Review: Around and Around We Go

Oh, show, why do you mess with my feelings so?

I tried not to get angry over the fact that Stephen and Cara slept together at the end of The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 6 - despite everything inside me screaming otherwise. I thought that maybe their connection made them a couple that was meant to be and perhaps John was just a stop for Cara on her way to true love.

I tried to be nice, but then The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 7 took all that and threw it away.

The odd thing is that I really want John and Cara to be a couple. So, why am I miffed after this week's installment? Because I know that this means we are in for a lot of back-and-forth between Cara and Stephen and I wish they would've just gotten it all over with last Wednesday.

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alycakes1611d ago

I watched the first couple of episodes and didn't think too much about the show so I stopped. I read these reviews and I think now that I made the right choice.