The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Review at Skewed and Reviewed

Skewed and Reviewed have posted a very positive review for the latest "Hunger Games" Movie. They cite the strong cast, action, and drama as selling points for the film.

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Defectiv3_Detectiv31672d ago

Reviews for this have been really strong. If I had to see one, I'd probably pick this over Ender's Game.

Garethvk1672d ago

That would be a good choice. I was not blown away by "Ender's Game".

coolbeans1672d ago

It certainly looks much better in the effects department.

Garethvk1672d ago

As big as the first one was they opened up a bit more as it is a proven draw now.

Remember, Lionsgate is not a studio that does mega-budget films so it was nice to see that they did this series up correctly.

jak3y13oy1671d ago

This is a really good movie!

I cant wait for the next two! :D