Has Luke Skywalker Been Written Out Of Star Wars Episode VII?

CBM: That's one explanation for the following anyway: According to Sam L. Jackson, who is shooting a movie with Mark Hamill, J.J. Abrams has not been in contact with the former Jedi about returning to the franchise. Click on and see what you make of all this.

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-Foxtrot1678d ago

If the other two are returning and he's not I'll be very disappointed.

darklordzor1678d ago

Very, very doubtful. As much talk has been going on about him and the others being cast in it, I can't see this happening. I mean, fans would be pretty upset and it would make very little sense. Even for just a cameo it'd be amazing to see.

Not to mention that for the most part, in many movies, before they're officially cast it's not like directors are on the phone with actors constantly through the pre-production process. In fact, unless they're friends or something, that's very uncommon.

So even if Abrams hasn't contacted Hamill about anything, that still means absolutely nothing.

ceballos77mx1677d ago

How complicated can it be to write him in, even a cameo on the new jedi council or to warn the new main actor about the temptation of the dark side.