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Total Film | Blue Is The Warmest Colour Review


Three hours long, Blue Is The Warmest Colour bestows epic status on a subject usually handled coyly or ignored altogether: female desire.

The heightened treatment feels entirely apt – this is first love, in all its intoxicating, devastating glory. Under the microscope of relentless close-ups, Exarchopoulos is a revelation: appealingly awkward, palpably vulnerable and sparking serious chemistry with Seydoux.

There was plenty of Cannes clamour over the sex scenes. They’re graphic, sure, but not gratuitous – and most importantly, key to revealing the depth of the ladies’ attraction.

What’s more, the physical boldness is matched emotionally and psychologically. Whether it’s passion or pain, you’ll feel it too.

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medman1673d ago

Lea Seydoux. Nuff said.