Reel Asian Film Review: Tales from the Dark Part 1 | The Man Cave Cinema

The 2004 film, Three... Extremes, featured segments by some of Hong Kong, Korea and Japan's most reknowned directors (Fruit Chan, Park Chan-wook and Takashi Miike), including one segment based on Lilian Lee's short stories. Fast forward nine years, and Chan and Lee are back with a new anthology of the supernatural, called Tales from the Dark Part 1. This time around, Chan shares the directing duties with veteran actor Simon Yam (who makes his directorial debut) and Lee Chi-ngai; and the result is undeniably Hong Kong-centric. It has something for horror fans and Hong Kong cinephiles alike, maintaining the flavor of the latter while serving up an entertaining milieu of the former. You may even forget to be scared because it's so much fun to watch. Of course, with "Part 1" in its title, you'd expect there to be more to the stories -- and you'd be right -- but that's a tale (or three) for another time.

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