TVF Criminal Minds Review: The Morgan Principle

On Criminal Minds this week, Morgan was a little bothered when a girl he's been seeing suddenly bugged out in the middle of the night to go to her job. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Kind of beside the point, wasn't it?

How about: Morgan has a new main squeeze! Her name is Savannah, she's drop dead gorgeous and they've been seeing each other for a few months.

On Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 8, the BAU (including Derek Morgan, after he walked his girlfriend's pug) investigated the murders of a group of people at a diner, all shot by a young teen who was then himself killed by an off duty cop. Awhile later, another young teen blew himself up in a car in the middle of an intersection, killing a traffic cop in the process.

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alycakes1681d ago

This one reminded me of an old movie where they had sleeper kids but they were all boys...I can't remember the name of it but Gregory Peck was in it and he was the bad guy.

Anyway, interesting about abducting children and brainwashing them to do whatever you want them dangerous and sad.