The Walking Dead Season 04 Episode 05 “Internment” Recap/Review | GES | "Last week’s episode was set almost exclusively away from the prison. Our Meds Crew was out scouting for medicine and Rick made the tough decision about sending Carol 2.0 packing. This week finds us back at the prison, and boy, are they in trouble. Things are heating up in Cell Block A as well as outside the fence. You can see that the situation has deteriorated drastically since we last saw the survivors.

Herschel is doing his best to try and keep the sick people alive but he’s struggling without proper supplies. He intubates a sick man with the help of Sasha and Glen and they agree to takes turns to squeeze the bag in order to help him breathe. Then Glen and Herschel finds another man has already died and they load him on a gurney to take him out of sight of the other Block A inhabitants. They are planning on killing him as soon as he re-animates. Lizzy appears from nowhere but Herschel sends her away, telling her to go read Tom Sawyer. I’ve got such a bad feeling about this little girl. The writers are building up her character so I am sure that she will do something major somewhere during the season, but what it will be, I can’t put my finger on it. I feel that it’s going to be something really negative like she’s going to turn out to be a psycho killer. She doesn’t have the strength to cope with what happening around her, not like what Carl’s got and I can’t see her experiences changing her for the better. Seems like all the girls get a raw deal on this show hey?"

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