'Thor: The Dark World': Where It Saved The Day & Where It Left Us Wanting More

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After rolling out first in the rest of the world, this past weekend saw the U.S. release of "Thor: The Dark World," the third adventure to feature the Norse god of thunder, after "Thor" and "The Avengers," and the eighth movie in Marvel's cinematic masterplan. As you might have assumed, the movie's a massive hit: an $86 million opening weekend, to add to the $240 million it's already taken abroad.

But unlike this summer's "Iron Man 3," it hasn't been met with absolute love. An A- Cinemascore suggests that Joe Public is having fun with it, but critical responses are more muted: we called it "the most deeply flawed Marvel movie since 'Iron Man 2' " and the film holds the lowest Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic score of any Marvel film to date. With the film now in release pretty much everywhere, we wanted to dig a little deeper into it, so as we've done with many major movies before, we've laid out what we think worked (or was Thor-some) and what we think didn't (Thor-ful) about the movie. Take a look below... and duh, spoilers ahead.

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alycakes1685d ago

I thought it was great. It didn't leave me wanting more other than I didn't want the movie to end. I loved the movie. The story was different and I also liked that it didn't just take place on earth but on Asgard as well.

calis1685d ago

I just came back from seeing it and thought it was really good.

Loki was downright amazing.