Zack Synder Comments On Superman’s No Killing Policy And Impact On Batman Vs. Superman

CB: During a live Man Of Steel fan chat earlier today, a fan asked Man Of Steel director Zack Snyder why he had Superman break his no killing policy and kill General Zod. Snyder has of course weighed in on this controversial scene in the past, but he did offer up a little more insight into the decision. Actor Michael Shannon, who played General Zod, was also part of the fan chat and weighed in with some thoughts as well.

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ajax171682d ago

To be honest I never knew about his no killing rule either. I knew Batman had that rule, but not Superman

ironfist921682d ago

Being a symbol of hope and a hero, leader of the Justice League, he has strong moral values, but he DOES kill when extremely necessary (as shown time and time again), which is definitely alot better than Batman's no killing rule imo.

Soldierone1682d ago

It's a rule that shouldn't be broken anymore. It was fine for Zod, but don't be lazy and keep breaking it.... any real story teller would find ways to work with it....

ironfist921682d ago

Having the ability to stop someone from causing extreme harm with or without killing cannot be judged upon imo. Giving him this "rule" negates the idea that what must be done should be done unless you want more people to die.

Soldierone1682d ago

In my opinion changing Superman into a killer is lazy work. Might as well give him a gun and have him destroy cities with no care in the world about citizens too.

There is a purpose to him not killing anyone, and I don't think lazy work in Hollywood should change it. It makes it so when he does want to kill someone (Darkseid) its all the more impactful.