Watch: First Trailer For Fantastical 'Winter's Tale'

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Mark Helprin's novel "Winter's Tale" has been kicking around Hollywood waiting for someone to take it on. And that someone is Akiva Goldsman, the blockbuster producer ("Mr. And Mrs. Smith," "I Am Legend") has written the adaptation and is making his feature debut with the flick. And full credit to him, with the first trailer arriving this evening, it looks like he's poured all he's got into it.

Starring Colin Farrell, Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly and Jessica Findlay-Brown, the story follows a thief who breaks into a wealthy man’s home, sparking a relationship with the man’s terminally ill daughter, with the apocalypse, rainbow bridges, resurrection, reincarnation and a flying, time-travelling white horse all part of the narrative. On the one hand, the movie looks pretty great visually, and Crowe in particular looks like he's having fun skulking around as the baddie. On the other hand, for all the sweeping emotion and music, we still have no idea what the hell this is about.

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alycakes1625d ago

I am not one for mussy love stories, I don't even like romantic know...chick flicks as they call them, however, from time to time when a movie has to do with life and death and time difference and it just happens to be about a love story and a possible miracle then I might be interested in seeing. Colin Ferrell doesn't hurt the eyes either.

StarWarsFan1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

This movie looks beautiful, but I really don't know what to expect of it really. The trailer is very vague in that respect.