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TVF Arrow Review: The Canary Sings

There were so many things to like about Arrow Season 2 Episode 4, including notable items I completely missed.

To wit: Sara's mask contained half a head of hair with it? How did I not see that detail?!?

This week, on Arrow Season 2 Episode 5, we continued the journey of Sara Lance as Canary learned a lot more about who she was before she came back to Starling City.

It was interesting to see flashbacks from a perspective of someone other than Oliver, wasn't it? It seems their time on the Gambit and after is burned into their brains in ways they'll never be able to escape.

While Oliver went from the arms of Sara into a boat with his father and onto an island where he had to fight for his life, Sara slipped out of Oliver's arms and her first place of respite was in a cage on board the ship.

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alycakes1627d ago

This was awesome last night...I have to admit that it even brought a tear or two to my eyes. I loved it.

I think it was best that Sarah leave but it would have been better that she never appear because now it's even more secrets from Lauren and that's not going to be good when she finds out and we all know that the day will come that she will find out and she'll find out that everyone knew except her.