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The New RoboCop Trailer is Here


Columbia Pictures and MGM have brought online the new trailer for RoboCop which you can watch below! Opening in theaters and IMAX on February 12, the Jose Padilha-directed film stars Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson, Abbie Cornish, Jackie Earle Haley, Michael K. Williams, Jay Baruchel, Jennifer Ehle and Marianne Jean-Baptiste.

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frelyler  +   265d ago
I love the retro look of the armor. I just wish it was rated R and ultra violent like the original. Oh well, at least they are trying to retain something from the original.
krazykombatant  +   265d ago
what retro look?? if by when the suit is metallic grey then yeah it looks awesome, but the black is just UGH....

Also he is still a bit too mobile I guess it makes since being ages into the future. But still Robocop was a tank not iron man.
Crazay  +   264d ago
I wish they stuck to the silver look too. Somehow it just looks so much sharper.
Hayabusa 117  +   264d ago
I actually had no problem with the black armour...until I saw it :P

And to add insult to injury, not only have they put the chrome armour in there, BUT IT ACTUALLY LOOKS FREAKIN COOL TOO!!! I just CANNOT understand why the director/producers saw the black next to the metalic and decided the black looked better! The only decent thing about the new armour is it's f***** ripped-off Cylon visor!

Hell, I might have even decided to watch the film if they had just kept it black through out the entire film, but now I just know I'm going to be sitting through most of the film thinking "man, I wish they'd kept his armour was metalic!"

On the other hand, I like his new mobility, the stiff walking was the only thing that needed improving in the original Robocop, which thankfully they've done, but have subsequently ruined everything else.
frelyler  +   264d ago
Yes, I was referring to the metallic grey. Also, I feel like too many people are jumping to way too many conclusions. Just by watching the trailer I would bet that towards the end of the movie the throwback armor will be the one Robocop ends up wearing and will wear if there is a sequal. The black armor is just the prototype to the real armor and this should please fans.

I know people are annoyed and I love the originals as well, but with technology that we have it makes sense with such advanced hardware that something like Robocop would move so quick. I mean think about it, a well placed RPG on the Robocop of old and that's it, because he moved like a tank. Also in the original Robocop they were going to keep his arm, but the suits said no and did away with it. In this new one they keep the arm. I'm seeing all sorts of nods to the original and I think this is one remake that actually makes sense based on where technology is today and being able to deliver on a very cool vision. My only complaint is it's not rated R. So I say give it a chance.
Anthotis  +   265d ago
Looks awful.

Would still look awful even without his fleshy human hand on display.
toddybad  +   264d ago
Nice avatar though!
-Foxtrot  +   265d ago
I can't people will actually pay to see this crap....looks horrible. Remake or not
Crazay  +   264d ago
I'll check it out because i'm a sucker for a decent action movie.
alycakes  +   265d ago
I'll go see it. It's not too great but it's not that bad either so I'll give it a chance.
Crazay  +   264d ago
I know i'll prefer the original 1000% but this might be a halfway decent movie.
Sitdown  +   264d ago
Prefer the original way he became RoboCop as opposed to it being the result of an explosion.
calis  +   264d ago
The scene where he gets shot up makes me physically ill.
nikrel  +   264d ago
That was a pretty gross.
Crazay  +   264d ago
The 'X' rated criterion edition i have is awesome
cyclindk  +   264d ago
I always liked the original robocop's glove (mechanical hand) vs this "real" one.

But I will give it a chance.

Whoever the actor was (whether it was the main actor or a double) who was responsible for the original robocop moving so "robotically" was amazing, so that might be difficult to beat.
RBlue_Desire  +   264d ago
Why do those machines reminds me of those ceph robots from crysis o_O and music too.
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Varzoth  +   264d ago
As a fan of the original movies, I'm willing to gife this a chance. It does not look as bad as some of you are making it out to be.
hazelamy  +   264d ago
i never expected this, but this actually looks pretty decent.

i know, who'da thunk it?

still not a big fan of the black armour though, makes it looks more like he's just wearing body armour rather than him being mostly machine now.

but i'll be going to see it.
SniperControl  +   264d ago
This is going to be like the Total Recall remake, awful just awful.

There just seems to be a problem with Hollywood at the moment, there is no creative flair anymore, all we seem to be getting is reboots and remakes.

I'am not saying all reboots are all bad i.e Star Trek, but the majority are.
KingPin  +   264d ago
reboots, remakes, sequels and comic book movies....thats 90% of hollywood nowadays
Lord_Sloth  +   264d ago
Total Recall's remake changed so much about the overall plot, and even the setting of the film. They basically discarded all but the core concept of the movie.

It's much harder to screw up the plot to "Robotic Cop kicks corporate ass".
MilkMan  +   264d ago
Looks good, good actors, he looks a little stiff but OK. :)
Looks like fun, just wish it was ultra violent like the original. Story better be kick ass. Why does his wife echo Sharon Stone though?
Erudito87  +   264d ago
They should have let this franchise die!
tarbis  +   264d ago
My only beef with this is the right flesh hand sticking out. It's so out of place. All the armors looks nice.
The new ED-209 design looks great too.
ajax17  +   264d ago
Reminds me too much of Dredd. Damn it, I want Dredd 2!!! I couldn't care less about Robocop!
cell989  +   264d ago
The more I see about this movie the more Im liking it, i hope it succeeds

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