Schmoes Know Exclusive: Is This The Woman Who Will Be Wonder Woman in Batman Vs Superman?

Schmoes Know:

Hello Schmoeville!
The Phantom strikes again! That’s right ya bunch of Schmoevillians, I was just handed this exciting piece of geekery and when I looked at the words staring back at me I had to take a sip of water. It’s that hot.

Our super-scooper The Phantom (pending TM) dropped by Schmoeville to share what he is hearing on the ground level of studios and this news is something that’s been rumored for quite some time now – Wonder Woman being in the Man of Steel sequel that is. Or “When Brucy met Clarky” (another title being kicked around by the studio*.

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Crazay1661d ago

She's pretty ht but can she act?

darklordzor1661d ago

Ummm...I honestly don't know. She was the girl in Oblivion and she did a decent job there, but it wasn't exactly a role that showed her depth.

Crazay1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

I hope she can act because here's what I don't want - A hot chick being cast in the role of Wonder Woman because she meets the measurements. She has to meet those requirements but she has to be able to act. And honestly, the first person to say "Well they got Ben Affleck and he can't act" is clearly a misguided fool who's just buying into all the fanboy hate just like all those schmucks who said Heath ledger couldn't to Joker.

Lord_Sloth1660d ago

She seems to be in Centurion which is on Netflix. I'll give it a look later to see if she can fill the Aegis Bracers.

ironfist921658d ago

Wonder Woman is supposed to be a strong independent liberated woman, not some slutty sex-appeal skinny actress.

Get someone like Jaime Alexander or Olivia Wilde, someone who can act badass.