Saoirse Ronan Says She Didn't Get The 'Star Wars' Role She Auditioned For

From Playlist:

We recently got to chat with the lovely and talented Saoirse Ronan about her upcoming young adult adaptation "How I Live Now" which is kind of like what would have happened if Terrence Malick had directed "Red Dawn". And while we had the young actress on the line we had to quiz her about a myriad of upcoming projects she has in the works, everything from the upcoming Wes Anderson joint "The Grand Budapest Hotel," to Ryan Gosling's directorial debut "How to Catch A Monster," to things that are in a more nebulous state of flux, like Joe Wright's "Little Mermaid" and the hotly rumored "Fantastic Four" and "Star Wars: Episode VII."

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darklordzor1632d ago

Well that's a bummer. That would have been a cool role to see her in. Oh well, at least that's one name taken off the list.

alycakes1631d ago

I do like her. She was great in Hannah.