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'Thor: The Dark World' Comedy Exclusive: Loki Argues With Kids


Thor: The Dark World hits theaters this week, and now Comedy Central has made a video featuring your boyfriend Tom Hiddleston as Thor’s fraternal nemesis Loki. The short clip finds the trickster god having a frank exchange of ideas with some adorable children. The spot debuts tomorrow, but you can watch it in all its cute-kid-despising glory below: (Cinema, Thor: The Dark World)

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DarkBlood  +   445d ago
lol nice
azshorty2003  +   444d ago
Saw that last night. Was pretty funny!
nzbleach  +   444d ago
More Loki please
KwietStorm  +   444d ago
Featuring your boyfriend?
ajax17  +   444d ago
lol pretty good, even though I don't really care for Thor stuff...
hazelamy  +   444d ago
Loki so needs his own movie.
aDDicteD  +   440d ago
very funny clip, for me he's far better than thor lol

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