TVF The Walking Dead Review: On the Road Again

The concept of the prison as safe haven of security was a great idea - and on plenty of levels it has worked in contrasting with the way Woodbury was run in The Walking Dead Season 3.

It even turned into the growing and thriving community complete with farmers, doctors, story time and a democratic council.

But much like how The Walking Dead Season 2’s farm adventures ended up, the location has become such a place of safety and complacency (Rick became a farmer, c’mon!) that the sickness which swept through was necessary in terms of adding some real problems for the characters.

If walkers can’t get through the fence and just stand around outside while inside buffets and singing can take place, how is that compelling or scary?

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alycakes1631d ago

You could consider this a slow episode or a shocking one. I can't believe what Rick did to Carol. I'm sorry but I'm on Carol's side and after all they've been thru, he just tosses her out? I can't agree with that.