J.J. Abrams Hints At The Possible Tone For His Take On Star Wars Episode VII


Star Wars Episode VII director J.J. Abrams responds to a recent video featuring "4 Rules to Make Star Wars Great Again", hinting that his take on the seventh instalment in the franchise will go back to basics. However, the filmmaker adds that he appreciates many younger fans identify with the prequels...

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Soldierone1690d ago

All respect to him, I think he is entirely wrong. I am younger and still relate to the first trilogy. However people even younger than me still don't relate to the second trilogy, they relate to the other adaptations of Star Wars. The cartoons was a HUGE one, my little brothers love star wars because of those. Then after the cartoons is the video games and other mediums.

These other mediums were the same way, big worlds where you never knew what was there.

Genki1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

I think you're being closed minded in this respect. What you're saying is purely anecdotal and grounded in supposition; Abrams at least acknowledges that there are people who identify with the prequel trilogy, which is true. You won't even entertain the notion at all. They may be few and far between, but it's good to know that he won't be ignoring their feelings as well, especially considering the fact that he's an unabashed fan of the OT.

It's refreshing that he can freely admit his bias while being open to the concerns of others, and I think that's the point you're missing here.

Soldierone1689d ago

I'm not saying that at all. I know there are some people that liked those films, but he is saying there is a similar following to those for the new younger generation of Star Wars fans as the original trilogy. Like I said, that is not true at all. This younger generation of fans came from the cartoons and other adaptations of the universe.

If he wants to make a successful trilogy, then he won't look at the trilogy that tarnished the franchise to begin with. No hardcore Star Wars fan wants those three movies to be inspiration for whats to come, no one.

just because those "few and far between" fans like them, doesn't mean they should look to those as inspiration. They should look at whats keeping fans around and adding to the fanbase, which in this case is the other adaptations. They can look at those three films and take what little bit was actually good and use that, but not the films as a whole. There is a reason why Star Wars fans hate them.