Thor: The Dark World After Credits The Collector Revealed

CBM: An Image of The Collector from the Thor:The Dark World's after credit scene has been leaked online.

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NewMonday1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

a huge spoiler straight up in the headline and a screenshot even

%$#@ you
%$#@ you
%$#@ you

ironfist921686d ago

I watched this part and was totally confused. Can someone explain?

Kingdom Come1686d ago

The Collector now has possession of the Aether, which, unlike in the comics, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, represents one of the "Infinity Stones", presumably the "Power Stone". These stones, when utilised in accordance with the "Infinity Gauntlet", creates a weapon of unimaginable power.

The Collector, now in possession of the Aether, declares "One down, five to go...".

ironfist921686d ago

You mean the Gauntlet worn by Thanos? Wasnt it in Thor 1?

SCThor1686d ago

The Collector receives one of the gems of infinity, because Odin already have one ( the tessaract )

Ripco_Keller1686d ago

Yeah don't worry about spoiler warnings. Just throw everything in the headline, prick.

Torkith1685d ago

Absolute BS to have a headline like this approved.

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