Michael Fassbender Explains Why There's Still No Sign Of Prometheus 2


Despite Prometheus director Sir Ridley Scott recently stating that he's keen to start working on a sequel, all we know right now is that the script is still being worked. Hit the jump to hear Michael Fassbender's (X-Men: Days of Future Past) thoughts on the delay!

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Garethvk1690d ago

That is funny as Ridley Scott said parts 2 and 3 are going well and that they plan to start production beyond the writing stage soon.

ajax171690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Damn it! Stole Prometheus 2 news from me, lol. j/k

On topic: I'm just glad that people are staying interested in the sequel. I really hope they don't get too crazy with action in the sequel. I really hope they stay true to Damon and John's story from the first one.

ironfist921690d ago

Maybe because he's working on the Assassin's Creed film first?