11 Movies To Watch Out For: November 2013

Vyralize: "I love this time of the year. Summer is far behind, and the slump of terrible movies that follows is now in our rearview mirror. Movies simply just get better and better as we near Oscar season. Last month we got jaw-droppingly awesome releases like Gravity and Captain Phillips, so what’s in store for this month? There were simply too many for me to choose, so I went over my usual top-10 limit and chose 11 movies that might catch your eye (get it – because it’s November). Here we gooooo!"

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Speed-Racer1665d ago

Can't wait to check out Hunger Games

coolbeans1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

Never seemed interested in that series.

Only one I'm really interested in seeing from that list (unless I've missed a few others releasing soon) is Thor: The Dark World. Beyond the list, I'l like to see Inside Lleywn Davis.

Lord_Sloth1665d ago

Ender's Game is the only thing I absolutely have to see (since I loved the book) yet sadly my schedule isn't cooperating so as I missed Man of Steel, I too shall miss Ender's Game....