Don't Panic! Why There's Really Not Much to Worry About With Star Wars Episode VII

From Cinelinx:

Yesterday everyone thought we were going to be getting some Star Wars news, and much to my chagrin that didn't happen. Today, however, comes a report that members of the production team have asked for Episode VII to be pushed back into 2016 but Disney has put their foot down by saying it has to hit in 2015. This has many fans worried about the film, and how things are coming (especially with the screenwriter change recently). I, however, don't think there's anything to panic over and fans are just overreacting.

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darklordzor1694d ago

Believe me, I want to panic as well, but this is kind of the nature of the industry. Just because it's a beloved property doesn't change that.

Crazay1694d ago

I'm sure that all is fine. I suspect that Lucasfilm probably even already had a whole bunch of character concepts and pre-production completed before this. They just need to massage the script. This isn't terribly new to the development of a series no less something as large as Star Wars.

darklordzor1693d ago

Exactly. I mean the new report even says that they had 40 page story treatments for each film in the trilogy already and that they were being worked on BEFORE the Disney purchase.

Not to mention that things typically happen long before a studio makes a news statement out of it. So it's more than likely that Abrams and Kasdan were already working on the script for a few months before they made that announced.

OH, and on top of that, the Lucasfilm press release announcing the writer change-up even said they were still on track for a 2015 release.