TVF Person of Interest Review: Revolution

Person of Interest really has the unique capability of turning a simple case of the week into something more integral to the overall series.

It could easily be the find and save the person format, cut and dry. And yet it finds ways to open up the larger possibilities, themes, characters and stories at the same time.

“Mors Praematura” was another example of the show’s ability to execute that fine line plan of serialized and procedural, allowing the characters to get involved (although, Fusco has felt more noticeably absent) and propelling multiple plots forward.

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alycakes1668d ago

Some shows continue to be repetitive and I lose interest but this one really surprised me every time especially last night. I didn't know what was going to happen next and everything that happened in the end from Carter's partner to our crazy escaped person that took Shaw was a surprise. All ended well so far but what next?