11 Creepy Clown Movies

Best Horor Movies says "What’s scarier than a hockey mask and a machete? A bright red bulbous nose and thick coats of face paint. Clowns are unsettling creations, so it’s no surprise to find they’ve worked their way into the horror genre. In fact, these oddball figures have dug themselves a deep canal in the landscape of horror. There are some riveting killer clown films to be unearthed."

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Best-Horror-Movies1216d ago

Another great clown movie that was just released is All Hallows Eve.

Hergula1216d ago

Not a huge fan of Clown flicks, but I enjoyed the read.

ajax171216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Never thought clowns were scary. Not even the ones that are intended to be. They're just too stupid looking to be scary for me.

aDDicteD1216d ago

i never enjoyed clown movie killers, i watched one before, i forgot the title but i did not finish it, those clowns are more annoying and i just want to skip the entire film and just see how the clown dies.