'Arrow': Summer Glau on Isabel/Oliver's Power Struggle, Jealousy and Superhero Suspicions

THR Live Feed:
Should Oliver Queen be worried about Isabel Rochev?

The actress tells THR that the two nemeses "are trying to test each other's boundaries and test each other's power" at Queen Consolidated.

Described as "dangerous" and "enigmatically beautiful," Isabel has only been seen in the season two premiere of Arrow, threatening Oliver (Stephen Amell) with a hostile takeover of Queen Consolidated. Though things started off contentious, expect the ice to thaw between the two business associates as time goes on -- so much so that it begins to affect one of Oliver's closest allies. But does Isabel have other motivations?

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alycakes1639d ago

I loved her on Firefly, Terminator Sara Connor, Heros, and she was just so sweet when we met her at Comic Con. She talked to us like we'd know each other for yrs and not just rushed thru....just adorable.

Lord_Sloth1638d ago

I didn't know she was in this...

aDDicteD1638d ago

summer glau is one of my favorites when it comes to tv series actresses, i wonder why she hasnt made big in the big screen because her acting is very noteworthy, i first saw her on sarah connors series and she steals the show in my opinion and lately i got to see her on firefly when i got the complete series and she also does a pretty job. she should have a big break and should be cast in high profile sci fi movies were she definitely excels.