Summit Sets Cedric Nicolas-Troyan To Helm ‘Highlander’ Feature Reboot

From Deadline:

Summit Entertainment has found a director for its reboot of Highlander, the tale of a sword wielding Scottish immortal Connor MacLeod. Cedric Nicolas-Troyan will make his feature directorial debut after serving as visual effects supervisor and second unit director on Snow White And The Huntsman.

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darklordzor1669d ago

I really hope the third time's the charm here. I really want to see this movie get made. I hope they do it correctly, but it sounds like this guy has a lot of passion for the project. I'm crossing my fingers!

aDDicteD1669d ago

yes try to remake the highlander, it has a very strong plot if done in the hands of a good director. i like the first film and it has a very awesome soundtrack which i think always steals the show by hype.

Anthotis1668d ago

Another pointless reboot.

Lord_Sloth1668d ago

Just hope they cast Conner properly. Still suggest Richard Madden for the part.