Exclusive Interview With Jon Turteltaub On Last Vegas

WGTC writes: Producer and director Jon Turteltaub is one of Disney’s secret weapons, delivering many of the studio’s biggest live-action hits, such as Cool Runnings, The Kid and Phenomenon. He is best known, though, for helming National Treasure and its 2007 sequel, which starred Nicholas Cage, his classmate from Beverly Hills High School.

Now, Jon Turteltaub takes a break from family-oriented films with Last Vegas, a comedy starring Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Kevin Kline, Morgan Freeman and Mary Steenburgen. In a plot that sounds like The Bucket List meets The Hangover, four aging friends head on a weekend escape to Las Vegas for a bachelor party when one of them proposes to a much younger woman. As you would expect, hijinks ensue.

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