The Playlist's Savannah Review: 'Last Vegas'

The Playlist:
With "The Hangover" boys having seemingly exploited every debauchery laden avenue Las Vegas has to offer and then some, another party-happy movie set in the city might seem like a tired notion. Particularly when it's combined with a premise as wheezy and obvious as this, getting four older men together for one last hurrah in the city where your sins remain secret. But somehow, "Last Vegas" is better than it has any right to be. Yes, it's uneven, more jokes miss than hit, and it winds up taking easy dramatic shortcuts from the more interesting avenues that the script presents, but it's thanks to the lead quartet that the comedy is as engaging at it is.

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alycakes1699d ago

Didn't see it. I'm sure it's funny but I'll wait for it to come to tv.