TVF The Walking Dead Review: Whatever It Takes

Life in a zombie apocalypse is tough. It’s all blood, sweat and fears battling walkers and people, and it’s easier to catch a cold than it is a break. Except, now sickness is just another problem added to the list of dilemmas the survivors have to worry about. And while it’s exciting to see the hacking and slashing of decaying walkers or the facing off against human foes, struggling with a virus allows for a real look at characters. It’s a quieter way to expose certain truths like Tyreese’s anger, Carl’s responsibility or the mic drop at the end of this episode — Carol willing to do whatever it takes to survive. It’s an interesting direction for the series, a positive one, and The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 3 took full advantage, even if there were times when it felt like the hour dragged a bit.

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alycakes1695d ago

I get so stressed when the walker come out though. I can't believe it about Carol but in a way it is better to burn the bodies..why dig so many graves especially if they are so contagious.