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The Walking Dead S4/E3 Recap: “Isolation” | All That's Epic

ATE writes: "It’s another zombtastic Sunday and all you kiddies know what that means…The Walking Dead! We’re filled with burning questions about what happened to Tyreese’s girlfriend and what’s going to come of people who carry this flu-like disease. If you haven’t been able to get to your DVR to watch this week’s episode, here’s a fully detailed recap that holds nothing back."

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aDDicteD1691d ago

that was a good episode, however, i feel that they rushed tyrese story arc way to fast, in the comics, he also went against zombies with a hammer but it was a more badass scenario, he also lost a love one but in a more disturbing way, i think the show failed to upstage it and did not take advantage of escalating the drama but again, the new twist is that carol was the one who killed the infected civilians, cannot wait for the next episode.