TVF Grimm Review: Zombieland

In what’s become typical Grimm season premiere fashion,"The Ungrateful Dead" left most everything up in the air with an ending card.

With Nick playing dead in a coffin for most of the premiere, we were stuck with the rest of the pack working to find him. It was great to see Hank, Monroe, Rosalee and Juliette together.

It’s taken a while to get everyone to their own unique role, and here everyone did so: Monroe is the best friend; Hank is the loyal and deeply dependable partner; and Rosalee brings sympathy and intelligence.

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alycakes1701d ago

Wow! What a comeback...I can't wait for next week. They have to get Nick back to normal.

StarWarsFan1697d ago

Back with a vengeance! This episode was intense!!